TDJ Ideas: Gay Porn Jersey Shore

I’m trying to figure out why this hasn’t happened yet… And if it has, why I haven’t caught wind of it?  Why isn’t there a gay porn version of the Jersey Shore??  I’m thinking it’s gotta be way more entertaining to watch they guys just get their party on at the club and then come home and bang it out, sans Sammi and all her sulking or Deena making me dry heave at the sight of her in her teeny tiny micro mini’s and skanky halter tops.  Take a look at my picks for Gay Porn Jersey Shore and tell me you wouldn’t rather watch this show.

Tony Capucci just plain looks the part.  His beefy, tan body pretty much spells out GTL, and, for some reason, he reminds me of Ronnie.  I’m totally ready to be in a dysfunctional relationship with this Italian Stallion all summer.

I think Anthony Romero will have to be our Vinny.  He’s got the buzz cut and seems to be the most laid back of the bunch.  Another reason he’s our Vinny; he’s the least tan.

Pauly D is always the life of the party.  I feel like this is the case with Leo Giamani.  His hair might not be very big, but there’s something else he’s got thats big…  HUGE even.

If anyone is gonna be The Situation, its Topher DiMaggio.  He’s quite a stud, but definitely a trouble maker.  Can’t you see DiMaggio pulling his pants down for the cameras the same way Sitch pulls his shirt up?

And since we can’t forget about Snookie, I’ve included Jiggly Caliente.  Here’s to plenty of day drinking and bladder infections, exactly what makes the Jersey Shore good TV!

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  1. There is a porn parody for Jersey Shore, it’s called Jersey Score.
    Dean Coxx, Hayden Stephens and some other guys star in it.

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