Body by Pierre.

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If you’ve haven’t been paying attention, you might not have noticed that Pierre Fitch has been building quite the banging’ body.  If you’re wondering how, look no further than his Instagram account.  He’s basically laying out all his food and fitness tricks on Instagram these days and it all looks like stuff I would never do. Vegan-ism and turning my home into a gym won’t happen any time soon for me, but I guess thats why he’s the beefcake with the porn career and I just blog about it.  😉

Regardless, there’s some good stuff in there that you can apply to your regular diet or fitness routine and then you can say you’ve got a Body by Pierre. From what I gather, the keys to that body are the vegan diet, the body weight and stability training, and I guess we all know what he does for cardio…  Enjoy!





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