Steak & Blow Job Day!

Steak & Blow Job Day

Well men, It’s March. The snow is melting and the romantic feelings generated from every mans favorite holiday in February (HA!) are wearing off; don’t get me wrong, Valentines Day is full of opportunity to strengthen and build on your relationship through gifts and romantic gestures, but no one really needs all those flowers and chocolates anyways… Let’s just go ahead and assume we all did great by our lovers and made V-Day a special treat to be remembered for the rest of the year, or at least until a month later; March 14th. That’s right, exactly one moth after the romance holiday of the year is Steak & Blow Job Day, the time has come to be re-paid for your example of romantic valiance and loving whit displayed on this day one month ago.
Unlike Valentines Day, Steak & Blow Job Day does not add any extensive pressure to your relationship, nor does it call for any action above and beyond the regular daily duties of maintaining a positive demeanor between you and your lover. This holiday only requires two things. Are you ready for this?

1) A Steak

2) A Blow Job!

So many questions may be swarming in your head and that’s ok, because the answer to all is YES!  YES, this IS a holiday dedicated solely to mans recreational needs of eating Steak and receiving a great Blow Job! YES, this is this reality (regardless of the legitimacy of this so-called holiday)! And, YES, you should certainly encourage your lover to celebrate this holiday with you. After all, what man (aside from the herbivores who walk among us) doesn’t like a good juicy steak? And aside from the few prudes out there, what gay man doesn’t like GIVING and/or receiving a great Blow Job?!
Steak & Blow Job Day is a day specially reserved for a gay mans love of meat and should be treated as such. There are no limitations regarding your steaks or blow jobs, it does not matter how or where you cook your steak and it does not matter how or where you give/receive your blow jobs. As suggested earlier, Valentines Day provides plenty of opportunity for relationship strengthening and building and the way I see it, Steak & Blow Job Day holds the same opportunities. Without the added pressure of finding the right gift or staging some huge gesture, you and your man can have a memorable day filled with both your love and lust for not just one type of meat. So fire up your grill and ready your man-scaping clippers, Steak & Blow Job Day is upon us and there is no good reason to skip out! For the single man, you’re also in luck! Right now, for a few days only, our FleshJack Boys Collection Mouth FleshJacks are 25% Off so you can receive the Blow Job of a lifetime from your favorite FleshJack Boy!

Happy Swallowing!

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  1. Steak & blowjob day is my kind of day 😀

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