Review: Otter Meets the Vibro

I’ve had my eye on the Fleshlight/Fleshjack products for at least a few years now and it wasn’t until July 2010 that I actually got the balls to purchase some of the product. Let me tell you, if I had known what I was missing then I definitely would have taken that leap sooner. I’ve NEVER had a bad experience with any Fleshjack product that I’ve purchased or received. In that year since I got my first piece of “Fleshcrack” as it’s most affectionately called (yeah, once you start buying, it can be hard to stop!) I never had the chance to experience the Vibro. In case you don’t know this is a Fleshjack that combines a unique texture with vibrating bullets to enhance your experience..
Now for your reading pleasure I give you my first experience with the Vibro…
When you receive your Vibro you get a Super Skin bottom orifice sleeve with an exclusive Touch texture that has little concentric fingers that run up and down the length of the sleeve. A gunmetal case, three vibrating bullets and one extra 10 pack of batteries complement the package leaving everything you need for a great time. I removed the sleeve from the packaging and filled a bowl full of warm water to soak my sleeve in to get it warm and ready. While that was warming up, I opened each one of the bullets and tested them out. Wow, small but mighty; they sure back a big vibrating punch! There are three pockets around the top of the sleeve that allow you to insert each bullet while it’s vibrating. It’s my first time, so I figured let’s load him up with all three and see what he’s got.
I took the sleeve out of the water, gave it a shake and then turned on the bullets and placed one in each of the pockets. Now we’re groovin’ and shakin’. Then I slipped the sleeve into the case and adjusted the end cap a bit to give a little bit of suction during the strokes. Next it’s lube time! Remember you want to lube up your cock as well as the Fleshjack sleeve, you want everything to be nice and slippery for a great ride. I popped my finger in the bottom to spread it and poured in a bit of lube and then put a nice long rope of lube on my cock. Whether this bottom likes it or not he’s about to get pounded.
As I hold the Fleshjack in my right hand it’s Vibrating and my cock is starting to jump to life not knowing fully what’s in store. I move the Fleshjack towards the tip of my cock and just as it touches the sleeve the energy transfer begins. Wow, that feels good and I’m not even inside yet. This is definitely going to be intense but I’m up for the challenge. I press my cock against the hungry opening in the Fleshjack and in pops the head of my cock. Man does that feel good. The vibrating sensation is all over the tip and I work the sleeve all around the head. I start to see some of the lube from inside of the sleeve slip out around my cock.
As I push the Fleshjack deeper down on my cock, the vibrating intensity becomes greater and greater as the head of my cock begins to pass through the Touch fingers on the inside. They’re not called Touch fingers for nothing.  Each individual finger feels like it’s beckoning my cock to move deeper and deeper inside the orifice, teasing me to see how far I can go before I blow my load. You’re not getting your nut that easy, I think, you’re going to have to work at it. Finally after slowly pressing the bottom down my shaft I reach the base and I can feel the vibrations in my pelvis. I take my other hand and slowly raise my balls up so they touch the bottom of Fleshjack and they start getting that great vibrating sensation as well.
Deep long strokes, in and out with my cock moving inside and outside of that bottom. Sometimes moving the Fleshjack up and down and sometimes pushing in and out with my hips. I start to moan in pleasure. I had adjusted the end cap so that there’s quite a bit of suction inside the orifice and it greedily doesn’t want to let go of my hard cock. After a few minutes I pull out of the orifice and hear an audible pop as my cock springs free from the end of the sleeve. (This bottom has had his cherry popped literally!) This is the most stimulating Fleshjack experience I’ve had yet. I’m going back for more after I pop on a bit more lube to my cock.
I pop my cock back inside and begin to speed up the strokes. In and out goes my cock all the while being caressed by the Touch fingers on the inside. Fast and slow I alternate back and forth pumping the bottom up and down my shaft. (Tip: For a great sensation put the Fleshjack on your cock down to the base and then rotate the case in your hand so that you’re spinning around your cock. Feels great!) As I keep working my cock, waves of pleasure cascade over my body. I feel warm from head to toe and I feel a tingling sensation on the bottom of my feet. I know what this means; I’m almost ready to bust my load. I hold strong and think, if you want my nut you’re going to have to pull it out of me.
I adjust the cap so that it’s nearly closed to create a large amount of suction.  I start to move the Fleshjack up and down my cock slowly and then move faster. As it’s sucking at my cock it wants to receive the load inside. Finally with one last down stroke down to the base of my cock and a bucking of my hips forward, my toes curl…I grunt and moan as I deliver a large load deep inside the bottom. I’m paralyzed in pleasure. My body is warm and I’m basking in the afterglow of sex. I release the cap at the end of the Fleshjack to relieve the suction slightly and pull the sleeve off my still hard cock. As I pick it up some of the lube and semen mix begins to ooze from the abused bottom of the Fleshjack. I use my finger to plug the hole and then move it up over my chest and then pull my finger out.  A large stream of the sex-filled mixture falls down on my hairy chest. After that I place the Fleshjack down to my side and I bask in the pleasure for 10 more minutes before I get up to clean off and shower.
I am a Vibro virgin no more….my Vibro cherry has been popped.
I got turned on even writing that account of my first time with the Vibro. If you had any doubt about how good this Fleshjack was, I think I can assure that it’s worth the price. Head on over to the Fleshjack store and pick one up. 🙂

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