Fleshjack to This!

Two of porn's hottest studs, Bo Dean and Marc Dylan collide right into each other's asses and make the Queerclick top ten!

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Fleshjack Reach Around

Queeries continues to bring us muscles studs, sans clothing.  Love it.

Gay Male Vampire reviews his Count Cockula.  Another satisfied customer.

Active Duty gets HOT with new recruit, Jameson.  This boy's got a great body, cute face, plenty of hot tats, and a cock that'll make you drool.  Queerclick's got the pics.

Starrfucker returns from Palm Springs.

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Bo Dean and Justin Ryder (Behind The Scenes)

You guys remember this extremely hot photoset of Cocksure's Bo Dean and Justin Ryder getting their Fleshjack on (then fucking)??  Well here's the Behind The Scenes from that video and it's hot as hell.  These two are such studs and you can see that Bo Dean is so big that even a pro like Justin Ryder has some trouble taking him.  Very hot.  Enjoy! [HTML1]

Fleshjack at Cocksure Men

Bo Dean and Justin Ryder are movers in their new Cocksure film.  Now, I've been searching for hot shirtless movers this since I moved out of my parents' house at 18.  One time I even hired a moving company because I had seen a hot dude driving one of their trucks.  Unfortunately, I didn't end up with the hot guy as my mover.

These two stumble upon a Fleshjack while moving ...