Brislads at XTube

Two words immediately came to mind when I started watching this video... Thick and Long.  See for yourself! [HTML1]

Fleshjack to This!

I'm back!  Atlanta Pride was great!  I'll have some photos for you guys later today.  For now, Fleshjack to this stud.  He might have a problem keeping his clothes organized in his closet, but thats ok because he also has a problem keeping his clothes on, and that body is HOT.  Nice cock and smooth skin... Show me more! [HTML1]

Fleshjack and a Thug at RocketTube

This dude jerks it hard and fast with his Icejack Vortex, then he shoots a nice load on the floor.  What follows is pretty funny... The dude talks.  Just watch it. [HTML1]

Tommy 9×6 (Big Dicked Amateur)

Check out this cock!  Tommy 9x6 is a self described "Big Dicked Amateur".  As you can see he's got a big dick and, in my expert opinion, he's definitely an amateur.  Regardless, he looks good lubing up his huge meat and I definitely wanna see more.  Check out for more clips and some hot photos.  Tommy9x6 is all about the cock.  Just like you! [HTML1]

Tommy DeFendi and Ryan Raz

After meeting all those porn stars at the Hustlaball I decided to look some of them up.  To my delight, I came across this video of my favorite two stars from the event!  Check out Tommy DeFendi and Ryan Raz going at it in this video. These two studs really know how to work a crowd and, from the looks of it, they really know how to work each other.  ...

Bo Dean and Justin Ryder (Behind The Scenes)

You guys remember this extremely hot photoset of Cocksure's Bo Dean and Justin Ryder getting their Fleshjack on (then fucking)??  Well here's the Behind The Scenes from that video and it's hot as hell.  These two are such studs and you can see that Bo Dean is so big that even a pro like Justin Ryder has some trouble taking him.  Very hot.  Enjoy! [HTML1]